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TauChat is powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT Models and is ready to provide multi-functional chat assistance to your server.
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Features of TauChat
We provide you the best features using ChatGPT!
Tailored Dialogue

Interactions with a bot have never felt more human. The conversational flow with ChatGPT allows for your queries to have a unique response ranging from image generation, asking for specific recipes for dinner and even for diagnosing car problems. The possibilities are endless with our ChatGPT discord bot!

Contextual Conversations

Is there a complex problem that needs solving? With contextual conversations, you can ask ChatGPT multi-layered questions, providing extreme detail, and it will learn how to answer the question to best fit your specific needs. (In development)

Server Optimization

Have a specific use case? Customize the model that the ChatGPT Bot uses specifically for your server! Whether it's wanting to create a DnD campaign, using it for code debugging or having your own personal assistant, ChatGPT has you covered! (In development)







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